About Bhettayo is a free online resource that showcases retail goods available to Kathmandu shoppers in its many stores, shopping centers and malls. It aims to make information available and accessible to Kathmandu shoppers 24/7, enabling you to discover products at your own convenience. hopes to provide a service of value to both businesses and consumers by providing free marketing for the businesses and free information to the consumers.

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  • Navigation links to the right are available on every page. Browse by sex, price or product-type (eg. footwear, clothing etc).
  • Items appear 'latest on top' on homepage. Refresh the page to load fresh content when available.
  • While viewing item details, hover over images for close-up. Clicking them will bring up a higher resolution version in full view.
  • Always call stores before making trips to buy items. Any item you are viewing can run out of stock at the selling store anytime.
  • Brands page lists all brands featured on The most popular brand appears on top.
  • Click any store's name to view all items featured from that store.
  • Click any brand name to view more items from that same brand.
  • Enjoy window shopping online with!
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